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Newtown, CT 12-14-2012 I am at a loss...but get OFF the GUNS!

Posted by Johnny on December 15, 2012 at 8:35 PM

I want to clarify that I am 100% totally and completed devastated by the thoughts of what the families in Newtown are going through..it's unfathomable and my heart goes out to all of them...but the media and the left re on the bandwagon about guns or "assault rifles"...when clearly GUNS are not the problem. This should not be the legacay that those children and their families have...unfortunately

, it was/is about MENTAL ILLESS. All of these from a generation who got time out instead of the belt.


Now Im not saying violence in our homes is better than violence in our streets...but parents being parents and families being families is far more important than banning firearms. I AM PRO GUN and those of you who know me...also KNOW I am also PRO MENTAL HEALTH and a huge proponent of people helping people..NOT blaming others!

Would you take my guns from me? Thats what the push is and will end up being!!!

I apologize for my rant but FUCK, people!

I did a little research this morning in response to a friends post...

In 2011, an estimated 1,203,564 violent crimes occurred nationwide (FBI, UCR 2011) and according to the Brady campaign 100,000 people in the US were “shot or killed” WITH firearms. Based on those numbers approximately 8% of ALL violent crimes are committed with firearms. Either LEGALLY OR ILLEGALLY obtained…..

Now let’s look

at the Brady campaign closer….of the 100,000…(these are verbatim stats),


In one year, 31,593 people died from gun violence and 66,769 people survived gun injuries (National Center for Injury Prevention and Control (NCIPC)). That includes:

12,179 people murdered and 44,466 people shot in an attack (NCIPC).


Let’s agree THESE ARE VICTIMS OF GUN CRIMES…however my guess is some of these were also perpetrators engaged in MUTUAL combat or gang violence!!!


18,223 people who killed themselves and 3,031 people who survived a suicide attempt with a gun (NCIPC). I cannot see blaming legally obtained, and possessed guns being he cause for suicide. If an individual truly desires to take their life, they will…gun or not. In 2010, 38,364 suicide deaths were reported nationwide (American Foundation on Suicide Prevention). Less than ½ of suicide deaths are by firearms…we cannot BLAME guns for mental illness.


592 people who were killed unintentionally and 18,610 who were shot unintentionally but survived (NCIPC). These are ACCIDENTS. In 2011, 4609 deaths occurred nationwide that were “work related” (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Occupational related deaths…these were ACCIDENTS. Almost FOUR times the number of fatal firearm accidents. However I’ll concede that the majority of firearms accidents occurred within the underage or untrained or poorly trained population.


So of the 100,000 – the suicides 18,223, - the accidentals 592, -the survivors 21,642= 59,542 people who were SHOT…not just killed but SHOT!

In the total number of violent crimes REPORTED, not taking into account that MANY MANY MANY crimes go unreported…whereas most MURDERS do not!

According to all of these statistics…..it is 4% of violent crimes that are caused by FIREARMS!!! Guns are not responsible for CRIME!!

In 2007, diabetes was listed as the underlying cause …or… contributing factor in a total of 231,404 deaths (diabetes.org).


In 2011, 311,591,917 auto related deaths occurred NO ONE WANTS TO BAN SUGAR OR CARS!




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