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Writing Update: I think I'm on track now!

Posted by Johnny on December 22, 2011 at 12:05 PM

       I ordered the Dragon speech recognition/ dictation software, which will enable me to write more freely. Aside from that HUGE technical advancement, I submitted the High Noon Life teaser, previously published here on High Noon LIfe.com, to an editing company.

       I was very pleased to receive the feedback from them regarding my writing. Hear it told, my writing is "engaging". I'm sure they butter everyone's bread in the same fashion though. Well, we'll see! The total estimate for services is a pretty hefty chunk of change, but the entire 280 page manuscript will get cleaned of grammar, spelling, sentence structure, flow of thought errors and more. I think it will be worth it, in that I'll take all the help I can get.

        At the present with the publishing and book sales market being so soft, self-publishing may be my only option at this point. So, I will be doing some research on that to prepare myself for the completion of this adventure.

       I appreciate all of you who have joined HNL, and the continued support I receive from each of you. I feel positive abut my efforts so hang in there, I think we're underway!

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